This Page used to be about the Medic Faction, that page has moved here

First Aid

For most cuts and scratches an ambulance does not need to be called. Self Care can be administered through the use of a first aid kit (FAK) or a medical kit. If you see an ambulance passing and would like to get some spare FAKs you can ask the Paramedic for some.

First Aid Kits are avialiable from The General Store and Gas Stations

General Care

If you are feeling unwell you can always pop into one of our hospitals or medical centers for a check up

Emergency Care

In The event of an emergency your goverment issued Phone will let the Altis Medical Services know that you have been incapacitated. For most injuries you will start to bleed out and it will take 15 minutes for you to die.

This incapacitated state is not protected so you can still be killed or “Finished Off” during this time.

After a Certain Amount of time you will get the option to “Give Up” This time is determined by the number of Revive Capable Players are on the server

Time to respawn is calculated in the following way:

Base Time = 120s
Medic Time = No of Medics x 60s
Player Multiplier = No of Players x 30s
Time To Respawn = Base Time + Medic Time + Player Multiplier
(This has a maximum time of 900 Seconds, 15minutes)

If there are 10 players on the server and 2 medics you will have to wait 9minutes before you can respawn
120 + (10 x 30 = 300) + (2 x 60 = 120) = 540s (540 / 60 = 9)

“Revive Capable Players”

Due to the IHS Being Stretched very thin we have trained a number of high ranking Police, SAS, Mafia and Admin Team to carry out life saving CPR.

This means that if there are no Medics on Duty you can still be revived.

All Personel that meet the following requirements are Classed as “Revive Capable Players”:

  • Police – Insp+
  • SAS – Staff Sergeant+
  • Mafia – UnderBoss+
  • Admin – Mod+

If this concept works we may roll it out further to lower ranks or as a Perk earned via XP or granted by staff team

RCPs Should not engage in Combat Reviving. If this is seen happening the feature will be removed

Abrams Abrams

15th November 2018