There is no rule against robing medics but its Scummy and you will be served a DNR (Do Not Revive)

  1. No Cheating
    1. Anyone found exploiting any game or framework mechanics/glitches will face severe punishment. Up to and including a permanent ban
    2. Anyone found using any kind of Script, Pbo Injector or Admin Menu will also face a permanent ban. If detected by our system you will also face a ban from other servers connected to the ban report network
    3. Other Examples of exploitation
      1. Macros
      2. AFK Farming
      3. Softlogging to respawn screen to respawn somewhere else
      4. Duplication of Items, Money or Vehicles
    4. If you are banned the ban applies to you as a person. If caught using another account to bypass your ban, that account will also be banned and you will lose your right to appeal
  2. Roleplay is first priority
    1. You should not break roleplay at any time
      1. Only exceptions are explaining to new players how to carry out an action in Direct/ Vehicle Chat or when Speaking to a member of staff with an “On Duty” Tag
    2. If your radio has been taken by another player you should not use any form of communication other than Direct. You must not use Group Chat, Teamspeak, Discord, Skype or any other form of out of game communication
    3. Every action must have a justifiable roleplay reason
    4. In order to use a players name you must discover it via roleplay
    5. If Killed in combat and their are players Roleplaying with you you may not respawn. You must wait 5 minutes after the last person has roleplayed with you before respawning
    6. If restrained you may not respawn
      1. You must not leave players restrained. If you are leaving a situation you should unrestrain all players involved
    7. You must have a working mic at all times
  3. You must initiate roleplay
    1. The only way to initiate is to give a direct instruction to another player via direct communication
      1. Only Exception is Air vehicles. If you already know the identity of the pilot you may initiate on them using the in-game messaging system
      2. You must threaten the players life for initiation to be valid
      3. You cannot initiate without a gun
    2. Initiation on a single gang member initiates all members of both gangs
    3. Text Messages (other than to pilots) are not initiation
    4. Use of Sirens is not initiation
    5. Shooting out or spike striping a player’s vehicle allows them to fire back at you but you MUST initiate before you can fire on them
      1. If they shoot first initiation is valid
  4. Play Fair
    1. RDM (Random Death Match) is shooting a player without engaging in roleplay first. This is not allowed
    2. VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) is using any kind of vehicle to cause damage to another player or vehicle. Also not allowed
    3. NLR (New Life Rule) is in effect on this server. If you are killed you may not return to the area you were killed in for 15 minutes or rejoin any situation you have previously been involved with
    4. Trolling is not allowed
      1. Have fun but if distress is caused STOP
    5. You may not use your in game microphone to annoy others
    6. You may not play music through your Mic
    7. If you are initiated on, are being followed or after selling goods you must wait at least 5 minutes before logging out
    8. Once initiated you may not spawn any additional vehicles or buy any additional equipment
      1. Items stored in houses are exempt
    9. You may not take a negotiator hostage
      1. If negotiations are called off both parties must allow negotiators to escape
      2. Negotiators should wait 30 seconds before fireing when returning to battle
  5. Be Respectful
    1. Be respectful at all times
    2. Non roleplay based Verbal Abuse or hostility to any other member of the community will result in punishment
    3. We do not accept any form of Racism, Homophobia or Sexism. Punishment will be severe
    4. Respect our staff. Decisions made by them are final but if you deal with the situation sensibly they will treat you fairly
  6. Misc
    1. Police/SAS may raid property at any time if they have probable cause
    2. Police and SAS bases are Safe Zones you may not rob or initiate on BLUFOR inside of these areas
      1. If you are initiated outside of the station/base and the officer flees into the station you may follow. (You may not fire on newly spawned players & they cannot fire on you)
    3. NO Armed Vehicles in La Trinite
      1. This includes MRAPS (Hunters, Striders, Ifrits)
  7. Teamspeak
    1. Sound-boarding is not allowed
      1. that includes PHONES freitDogg you fat cunt
    2. If moving users always ask permission first
    3. If you know you should not join a channel, don’t.
      1. Faction Channels are for ON DUTY faction members only
  8. Discord
    1. NSFW Content is not allowed outside of NSFW Channels.
    2. The appropriate channel should be used at all times
      1. Memes should only be shared in #memes
    3. Use of @everyone Should be kept to a minimum

Admin Abuse is not acceptable and ruins servers. Admins should not use their tools to give themselves an edge

Abrams Abrams

14th November 2018